Friday, April 17, 2009

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout out! I need to check my gmail and start posting here. :)


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  • Reforming Tort Reform - HBO fires off what may prove to be a new battle for your hearts and minds over the issue of tort reform, with the film Hot Coffee. Besides your basic legal...
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  • Where the Spirit of the Lord Is... - I grew up in a church that believed in and taught holiness. It permeated everything. Music, Sunday School, sermons, devotionals, and every conversation t...
    1 day ago
  • The Howell Open 2014 - This July 4th weekend the Howell Open continued as usual even though Dad was not there. We had 16 players that divided into 4 foursomes in a wild scramble....
    2 weeks ago
  • contributors - Remember my post about the Teacher Incentive Package? I've been working on this program most of the summer, and am about to stuff the latest coupons into bag...
    4 years ago
  • Musical Birds - Post by Karim Metwaly. All the birds are praising our creator!
    14 hours ago
  • - Finalmente ... Este é o negócio que você tem esperado há tanto tempo! É Totalmente Gratuito, e você ganha por TODOS aqueles que se registrarem depois de v...
    4 years ago
  • Noshing in New Orleans - I'm in New Orleans a good bit for business, and I thought I'd weigh in on a few restaurants that are worth a stop. 1.) *Oceana Grill.* One night, a group o...
    1 day ago

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