Saturday, June 20, 2015

Miss Mississippi Pageant 2015

As the 30 Miss Mississippi contestants arrive today, the significance is not just that it's in Vicksburg for the 58th years.  It's clearly a sign of one of the many layers of history of which the city can be proud.

Mayor John D. Holland was savvy enough to bring the Miss Mississippi Pageant to his town all those years ago when he heard the Miss American Pageant was looking for a home for the state contest.

It was with his vision and the continued support of thousands of volunteers over the years, that our town, "The Red Carpet City of the South," can still claim ownership to a top-notch show and production showcasing the contestants.

Out expectation is that today's administration will be as forward-think and keen as Holland when it comes to looking for all opportunities to promote and grow our river city.

With that being said, we as locals must do our part by supporting and welcoming all of the contestants' families and well-wishers to our city.

These 30 women have worked hard to achieve their goals and we extend the best to each one.

The week's activities began Monday with the annual parade along Washington Street.

Autograph parties are planned before the preliminary competitions began Wednesday night, and two balls, the Mississippi Ball and an Award Balls, will be held at the Lady Luck Casino following Friday night's preliminary and on Saturday after the crowing.

The 2015 Miss Mississippi Pageant will offer the Mississippi's Choice Award, giving enthusiast a voice in the pageant and the Miss Mississippi Smart Phone app, offered for download through the app store and on the pageant website.

Four Mississippians have gone on to be crowned Miss America - Mary Ann Mobley in 1958, Linda Lee Meade in 1959, Cheryl Prewitt in 1979 and Susan Atkins in 1985.

Whether the young woman who takes home the crown next week takes another one from Atlantic City is our of our control.  But what happens in Vicksburg this week is in our purview, and we should all roll out the "Red Carpet."

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